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Trzy Korony

Krzysztof Klenczon

℗ 1971

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Krzysztof Klenczon • 1971 • Trzy Korony

A blurb on the back cover of Underground Masters' reissue of Krzysztof Klenczon's 1971 epic Trzy Korony proclaims it 'Probably the best Polish 70's rock album!!,' and without a Ph.D. in Eastern European psychedelia, it's impossible to confirm or deny such hyperbole. It's equally difficult to find fault with the record itself: a wild and wooly monument to acid-fuzz excess, Trzy Korony is all the more remarkable given that it was created under Communist rule. Klenczon's Beatlesque melodies, mind-warping guitar solos, and kaleidoscopic arrangements are the very essence of the anarchy Communism sought to extinguish.

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