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A Million Reasons Why [compilation]

Phil Manzanera

℗ 1997 Expression Records EXVP 1

Phil Manzanera • 1997 • A Million Reasons Why

This is a compilation album of sorts. The first four tracks are recorded live during the Guitar Legends shows in Seville. Judging from these four tracks, the entire concert should be released. "Sphynx" features some of Manzanera's most creative and melodic guitar work ever, and his backup band (featuring old 801 friend Simon Phillips and Ray Cooper) is tight and fleshes out the sound beautifully. This CD is worth buying for these four tracks alone. But that is not to say the rest of the album is poor. The rest of the songs include the entire Southern Cross album as well as some additional songs recorded during those sessions. The music is a beautiful fusion of Cuban music and '80s Brit rock. It works for the most part: Manzanera contributes the Latin flavor while Tim Finn and Gary Dyson put an '80s rock sound into the mix. It is very original sounding at times, and very creative. "Guantanamera" is a particular highlight, and Finn's solo composition "Astrud" is simply divine. The only problem with the CD is that it is overlong and some of the Southern Cross material could have been left off for more live recordings. However, Manzanera and Roxy Music fans will love this CD, as will others with eclectic tastes in music. — Aaron Badgley.

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